Mont Botanik residence


Mont Botanik residence is host to 108 exclusive units, with the residence designed with the occupant in mind, someone who is looking to escape the hustle and bustle of the fast-paced city, to seeking solace in the tranquility and serenity of an urban green oasis. Architecture and landscape unite into a new style of mid-rise living in the sky. Where the simple pleasures of living in a garden materializes.

The architectural plan features 2 distinct blocks linked together by a series of communal sky gardens, providing green relief for the residences wherever possible. These informal spaces encourage spontaneity and informal social gatherings, displaying zest and energy culminated through the architecture.

The formal drop off, generously landscaped with layers of trees and plants, humbly welcomes residents and guests. As the residents and guests circulate through the development, their experience is heightened as they are treated to the plentiful communal facilities dispersed throughout the development. From the warmth exuding from the family pods to the chatter of activities in the clubhouse, the sense of familiarity that comes with a cozy residence is an unquantifiable lifestyle experience that detached urbanites yield for.

2 bedrooms 45 units (est 689 – 700sqft)
2 + Study 36 units (est 776sqft)
3 + Study 27 units (est 948sqft)
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