Digital Marketing

We have a focused on doing Digital Marketing and we are very Passionate at what we do. Our Team has the necessary Expertise and Skills in Digital Marketing such as Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Designing, Copy writing and Market Research and Analysis, and we also have the right Marketing Tools to ensure that our Social Media Campaigns are Successful and will only yield the Best Results for our clients.

Market Research and Analysis to better understand your Business, its Competitors and your Customers.

With the Market Research and Analysis, we will devise a Campaign and/or a Marketing Plan that will meet your Business Goals.

Set-up of Different Social Media Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIN.

Depending on the type of campaign, We will Research and Create Relevant, Creative and Engaging Content to be posted on your social media platforms.

Once content has been created and posted, we will be monitoring your social media activity such as engaging customers and tracking leads and conversions.

We will continuously monitor and improve on the content to give better engagement to your social media platforms.

Our Clientele

A property agency has engaged us to Manage and maintain their Social Media Accounts. The project included consultancy, strategy development, creation of content (design and copy writing), Maintenance, Promoting and Engaging the company's audience and Metrics such as - Facebook insights tracking and generation of other relevant reports.

As a result of this project, the company's social media following increased to 300%, which also saw the increase in Audience reach and engagement.

Property agents have engaged our team in creating a profile to be posted on their website and other online property portals.

In a challenging real estate market where everyone is trying to win a buyer or a seller or a tenant to serve, how does a salesperson stand out among the rest to be the one they will pick?

Some of these agents have the skills and knowledge to provide the best service to their clients and achieve their client's goals but do not know how to express it in words or in writing. So we helped them craft out their profiles that will stand out among the rest and also to attract new clients. | All Rights Reserved.
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