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He is a visionary leader who is 100% committed to train, mentor and groom champions and who is constantly striving to bring his team to new heights of success. ​He equipped with an ACTA Certified trainer and together with his core leaders, they provide training and support for the division through a variety of regular activities and program to prepare and equip their salespersons with the requisite knowledge and skills in order that they start and continue along the right track in their Real Estate Journey.

His Training:



I have had the distinct pleasure of having Mr Perry Siow as my leader, Senior Vice President for three years at Smart Property Group (SPG) in HSR.
During my three years at SPG, I could see the effort and heart Mr Perry Siow has put in to add value to the group and to enhance the skills and knowledge for the young and old associates through many carefully thought courses and plans.

He is one rare leader that will go the extra mile to help his associates. There are many unforgettable occasions that he has shown his leadership and professionalism when being approached. It shows his commitment towards his associates. One of the unforgettable ones was when he had unselfishly sacrificed the celebration of his wedding anniversary with wife to handle my client’s unreasonable complaint. It started from 8pm and ended past midnight! During the course of handling the complaint, not a word was uttered to us about the wedding anniversary. Eventually, I found out about it from his wife and I felt so guilty at the same time, grateful that I have such a good leader to support me and be there for me when circumstances arises that needs his attention.

Mr Perry Siow may be young but he has always maintained a clear sense of purpose. With his superior attitude and aptitude, the knowledge through accumulative experiences and involvement in the real estate, he has clearly demonstrated outstanding leadership, strong sense of confidence with a charming attitude.

Mr Perry Siow, a true leader and mentor!
- Shandy Tong, Senior Associate Director, Pte Ltd

Joined HSR- Smart Property in July 2012 as a new salesperson till now and enjoy the working and family orientated atmosphere in this group and company.

Under Perry’s Division, we went through regular training and field sharing to hone our skill for the success for our client property transaction. It is through this sharing we learn from each other and tap into Perry many years of real estate experience. It help to quicken the learning curve. Some innovative idea is learnt and adopted in my practices.

Perry was approachable and committed to his role as a leader. His honesty and humble being is a virtue to learn in the sea of real estate sales person.

I wish Perry many successful days ahead and with his calibers, I believe he and our group is able to soar to a greater height.
- Chew Hock Ngee, Team Director, HSR (2013)

I was 22 years old when I joined SmartProperty Group and also the youngest in the team. Within 2 months of joining SmartProperty Group, I experienced a breakthrough sales of $38,000! This would not have been possible without the support and guidance of SmartLeaders, and most importantly, the structured training platform. I am a living testimony that you’re never too young to succeed.

- J.H. Sim, Associate Director, ERA (2011) | All Rights Reserved.
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